Do you need service learning hours?  Are you looking for employment opportunities? Are you looking to grow your leadership skills? Are you not sure what you plan to do after high school? If you answered yes to any of those question. You should be apart of Chasing23 Youth Empowerment Group. Where our mission is to help you answer those hard to answer question.

Simple 3 Steps to Join Us

Joining our group is simply. You only need to finish the following steps:

  • Complete the Join Chasing23 online form
  • Attend one meeting and introduce yourself
  • Sign the Join Chasing23 agreement

Join Chasing23 Youth Empowerment Group. Click here

Membership Benefits

Benefits in the Chasing23 youth empowerment group include helping improve your community you live in, a possible stipend incentive at various program intervals, and access to future employment opportunity through Chasing23 YEG partnership network. Other benefits include:

  • Resume enhancement
  • Various workshop beneficial to career and school
  • Leadership training
  • Meet with local authorities such as the Alderman
  • Career Connections and counselor
  • A strong support group and community power
  • Able to attend Chasing23 partner events
  • Opportunity to serve on the junior board of advisors

Certificated Membership

Every member who participates more than 20 meetings or actions will be eligible to attend our annual membership ceremony and get a formal certificate for Chasing23 membership. Certificated Membership are given priority in terms of paid opportunities, and traveling events.